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MBTI assessment and feedback coaching session

Better Leadership By Understanding Your Personality Type

MBTI assessment and feedback coaching sessionThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is globally the best-known and most widely-used personality instrument that helps you understand what makes you tick. Essentially the instruments supports you to understand yourself better. Specifically to gain awareness of where you get your energy, how you take in information, how you make decisions and how you go about orienting yourself in the world. What does this mean for you as a Leader?

Ultimately understanding your personality type helps you be more effective in your communication, staff and customer engagement, leadership and in turn improve results in your sector of your organisation. Here’s what you will gain from understanding your personality type:

1. Improve your WIFI

You’ll discover that you have a natural way of communicating, which may differ from the way the people around you prefer to be communicated with. Oftentimes in communication, we exercise ‘the golden rule’ – treat others how we want to be treated. But what if others see the world differently and value different things? Differences can create judgement and conflict. Through MBTI, you learn how to increase the effectiveness of your WIFI so that you can better ‘click’ with and engage people. This includes your boss, staff, customers and your family. You grow the capacity to communicate on the same wave length and appreciate, rather than judge differences.

2. Be a better role model

It’s well-known that most of the time people leave their organisations because of bad Managers (Gallup 2017). People generally have good intention but people judge you on your impact, not your intention. MBTI is often a first-base for leadership development and leadership coaching. No one is masterful at everything and underlying every strength is a blindspot. For leaders (and everyone is a leader since you are either supervising staff, parenting or being a role model that rubs off on friends and colleagues), it is important to work on your self-awareness, self-management and social intelligence so that you can notice how you impact on others. MBTI fast-tracks that awareness and provides you with the ‘how-to’ adapt your style and live by ‘the platinum rule’ – treat others how they wish to be treated, which increases engagement and team harmony.

3. Leverage the talent in your team

You’ll have heard the saying ‘horses for courses’. The idea is to play to your strengths rather than try to do it all. As you increase your understanding of personality type, you begin to get clued up about the types of people you have in your team, the gifts they can contribute and you are able to better leverage the talent in your team. As you draw on the competencies of others rather than try to do it all, you and the team become more productive and effective.

4. Increase your EQ

Many experts now believe that EQ ( emotional intelligence quotient) is more important than IQ when it comes to success. EQ concerns the ability to understand what triggers you, to exercise self-control and to be more adept at social skills. People with high EQ are better able to work in teams, adjust to change and be flexible. MBTI fast tracks your self-awareness and better equips you to respond to the inevitable challenges that arise in the work place and at home. 





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