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XL Coaching: New website, New focus

Clients past and present, friends and colleagues – Welcome to my new website and blog! I’ve undergone a bit of a metamorphosis over the past six months and I’m excited to share one or two things about that…

My wake-up call

First things first, I had a really challenging year last year. My biz went from noisy to silent, practically overnight. In hindsight, it’s easy to blame it on recession and I did for a while but in truth, I was tired. My passion and motivation were waning and as we all know, lack of action equals lack of results.  My head said I ‘should’ make more effort but my heart was longing to retreat and reconnect with what’s important to me. I chose to follow my heart, but what a journey!

I went on a Vipassana retreat. Ten days sitting in silent meditation. OMG, it was like taming a wild horse. If I wasn’t fighting my head, I was fighting fatigue, and of course meditation is not about reflection, it’s about ‘no thought’. Doh. However, I did give myself six days afterwards with my journal to set new direction but the most amazing thing happened…

No clarity. No direction. Just the most profound sense of peace and happiness. You know the feeling, the one you get when you stand on the top of a mountain and are in awe of the scenery. I was so fully present, the future just didn’t seem that important and the feeling endured, but a lot has happened since then.

New focus

I came back to the office feeling revitalized and I began to reconnect with what I really stand for.

First, I love to inspire people to be the best that they can be, not because it’s my job, because it’s a value. I can’t help myself – ask anyone who knows me personally and I want to do this in a way that’s really accessible, even if I’m not your coach.

Secondly I’m passionate about personal development. I believe that personal development is your springboard to personal and leadership excellence. If you want to be a better leader, you need to grow yourself first. If you want to transform your business, you need to grow yourself first. If you want to make changes in your life and be the best that you can be, you need to grow yourself first.

New products

XL Coaching has a new website that reflects an inspirational feel, with new social profiles and a fresh new focus on personal development.

I’ve been running a personal development course, The Personal Foundation Program, locally that has grown through word of mouth and gone from strength to strength. This is a course I attended as part of my coach training. It was life-changing for me and has been transformational for recent participants. When you get time, read the testimonials. I’m intending to deliver the program next year by group teleconference call, which is how I attended the program and equally as effective.

Re-connecting with you

Now that we’ve re-connected, I’d really enjoy the opportunity to inspire you, so let’s stay in touch. There are several ways we can do that:

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Please become  a ‘FAN’ of XL Coaching’s Facebook page, which has been created for the sole purpose of inspiring you.

My @XL_Coaching Twitter account helps me connect with other coaches, businesses, and people who are as passionate about personal development as I am, so if that’s you, we can connect there.

And that’s it for now… exciting times!

Warm regards
Amanda Woolridge