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PF2 (The Personal Foundation Programme – Series 2)

Next Course Starts:

  • PF2 starts Thursday 17th October 2019, 7:30pm – 9pm in Queenstown for 8 weeks (this time we skip Thursday 7th & 28th November) so we will finish 10 weeks later on Thursday 19th December (there is a possibility that these dates may be two weeks earlier and can let you know later in the year).

About The Course


Where PF1 is about ‘getting sorted’, PF2 builds further on previous work, plus encourages you to step up to a higher level.

The program starts with the concept that ‘the present is perfect’ and whilst you continue to work on strengthening your foundation, you retain the concept that even this work is perfect throughout the 8 weeks.

PF2 supports you to raise your conscious awareness even further. We visit the Law of Attraction and understand how your thoughts shape your reality. Your create a Vision Board. You take a look at the community of people you surround yourself with, take action to strengthen your family and spend a good amount of time drilling down deeply to identify your true values and reorient your life around those.

And of course, you’ll be surrounded by an awesome group of women who will be encouraging and supporting you to grow, grow, grow whilst you enjoy the ride.

Testimonials – Past Participants

When asked about the greatest benefit they received from PF2, past participants said:

Greater awareness of my emotions and what they are telling me.

Understanding the law of attraction and tools to apply it.

More confidence to just ‘be me’ and not care what people think.

Ability to relax and enjoy it and not feel guilty or that I need to ‘earn it’.

Understanding of the law of attraction and tools to apply it.

Communities are best when they are chosen and so I continue to broaden my community.

Living in the present, being happy and enjoying each moment – smiling more; and finding someone special.

The cost of the program is $392 including GST.

$49 will be required to secure your space on the program.

Payment can be made in full, or after you have paid your deposit, you can elect to pay seven weekly automatic payments of $49 commencing one week in advance of the program.

The Next Step

To secure your spot, email [email protected] and bank details will be forwarded to you so that you can organise your deposit payment.

Thank you and I look forward to supporting you to grow.

Warm regards
Amanda Woolridge