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We hope that this list of resources, many of which are FREE, will help you learn more about yourself and understand the impact you have on others. This can help you to perform more effectively, increase job satisfaction and provide focus for development.


Myers-Briggs Personality Test
20 Minutes


Understand your personality type, strengths and weaknesses on arguably the world’s most popular personality test. For additional information on all of the profiles visit keirsey.com

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Enneagram Personality Test
10 to 40 minutes

The Enneagram categorizes personality types into 9 unique types, each with specific patterns of thought, speaking style, emotions, sensations and belief systems. This test uses the nine forces of the Enneagram to help you understand your personality and become a more balanced and integrated individual.


Career Analysis
30 Minutes


MAPP focuses on motivation. MAPP does not determine whether you can or cannot perform in a job, rather indicates if you will perform. Motivation is what drives an individual from the inside. It cannot be learned or taught, this is just who you are. MAPP Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential reveals the real you: your natural motivations, interests and talents for work.

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Career Fit
30 minutes.

Career Fitter offers a highly successful online Career Personality Assessment. Showing people the careers that best fit their personality as well as personality strengths and weaknesses. Career Fitter also offers research and secrets of how to get started and what to expect from hundreds of different careers


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