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Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
– Johan von Goethe –

XL Coaching Services Include:

Leadership Coaching
Through weekly coaching, you or your Executives will change behaviours, lead more effectively and improve performance. Imagine how this would impact on team results.

Life Coaching
At XL Coaching we work with Achievers who understand the value of collaboration and elect to hire their own personal coach as a strategy to both personal development and professional achievement. Alternatively, your organisation may choose to invest in your personal coaching to support you to overcome challenges and to accelerate your future potential.

Training/Team Development
At XL Coaching we stand for team results. All our events are designed to meet your team’s development needs and incorporate your key learning outcomes, to catalyse your team to excel.

Personal Development Courses
The Personal Foundation Program and more

Motivational Speaking
For corporate functions and more

Why XL?

XL programs are individualised and uniquely designed to meet the professional and personal development needs of all our clients, because every person and team is different. You and/or your team WILL take more action with a coach. Results are guaranteed.

At XL Coaching, we want to spur you to grow and achieve new results and now call upon you to take action:

• How will you apply what you have learnt this month?
• What are you now prepared to do differently?
• Who can support you in this?
• Who else do you know is a leader or has leadership potential? We encourage you to be a catalyst in their development by referring them the XL website, blog or Facebook page.

For further details email [email protected] or call +64 3 442 0555.


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