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The Personal Foundation Program (PF1)

Next Course Starts:

  • PF1 starts Thursday 15th October 2020, 7:30pm – 9pm at Nadi Wellness in Queenstown for 8 weeks. Dates include: October 15, 22 & 29; November 5 & 19; December 3, 10 & 17.

About The Course


You will accomplish more, more easily if you take the time to first strengthen your personal foundation.

Who doesn’t want to accomplish more in life? Don’t most of us want more time? More money? More love? More satisfaction? More flow? Yet isn’t our tendency to go for it rather than simply having it all come to us?

A strong personal foundation includes 10 distinct stepping stones, which, when linked together provide a solid yet personalised base on which to build one’s life. And, in a world, which sometimes appears to be built on quicksand, we all need a personal foundation on which to depend.

These 10 stepping stones are:

1. A past which you are fully clear of
2. A life which is based fully on integrity
3. Needs that have been identified and fully met
4. Boundaries which are ample and automatic
5. Standards which bring out your best
6. An absence of tolerations
7. Choosing to come from a positive place.
8. A family which nurtures you
9. A community which develops you
10. A life fully oriented around your true values.

Anyone who is living a meaningful life must have a strong personal foundation so they can afford to look up at the stars instead of down at their feet. Having a strong personal foundation allows a person to fully use their skills and resources. Instead of constantly worrying about the fundamentals of their life, they are free to focus on the task at hand. The process also teaches you how to eliminate and prevent many common problems that are usually thought of as an expected part of life.

A skyscraper doesn’t start at street level. In fact, the taller the building, the deeper the foundation and this holds true for people, too.

Weekly Sessions and Fieldwork
You are starting a deliberate process to strengthen every part of your personal and professional life. You should be excited and ready to do this. Hundreds of people just like you have used this program and have helped us to make it user-friendly, effective and fun.

PF1 (The Personal Foundation Series 1) comprises of 8 group sessions. (At a later point, you may elect to attend Series 2, a further 8 sessions). You will receive a comprehensive booklet, which outlines various lessons. To maximise our time together, in between each workshop you will be expected to complete ‘fieldwork’, which involves reading material from the workbook and completing various exercises. During the workshop, we discuss insights, wins, challenges and you will have the opportunity to be coached. You will also be assigned a ‘buddy’, someone from the course that you will check in with by phone or in person during the week to provide support.

This program is really the beginning of a journey, which can take 6 to 12 months to complete. Over that time you get to be very, very selfish and focus on you for a while, while building yourself and your life from the inside out so that it becomes sustainable, easier and more rewarding. Not what women are used to, I know, but you are you, before you are a mother/wife/daughter/friend and your sense of your Self can become lost in your roles and responsibilities. The Personal Foundation Program is a comprehensive, coordinated approach to significantly enhancing the quality of your life. You will not be the same after completing this program.


This program is organized into 24 distinct lessons; 12 lessons are covered during PF1. The remaining lessons are covered in PF2. Each lesson:
• Focuses you on an area of your Personal Foundation.
• Educates you on this area
• Helps you to identify the actions, changes and shifts to make
• Is experiential. You need to be willing to take action in between workshop sessions. What you put in, you get out
• Creates a game out of completing each lesson (the Personal Foundation Chart)
• Points you to the next lesson.

What to expect?

During the coming months, here are some of the things that you can expect to happen. All of these things might not happen to you, but many will. They are that predictable.
• Your priorities will change. What you thought was important will be less or even more so.
• Your friends/community will upgrade. You may choose to leave behind several friends/colleagues.
• You will take better care of yourself, even if you are taking good care of yourself now.
• You will have more energy, though at first you might be dragging.
• You will feel challenged in a good way. Remember you are making fundamental changes.
• You will expect more of others and of yourself. You may even get demanding.
• Your life will get simpler, easier and less stressful.

Testimonials – Past Participants

I now feel like I’ve got a ‘toolkit’ under my belt for living, which is helping me to create a happier, healthier life.

There’s nothing like this in QT – this program brings awareness to stuff you can so easily fix, in the comfort of your hometown.

The personal journey I went on has helped me be happier, healthier and clearer about my life and less burdened.

It has allowed me to look after me, make sure my needs are met and value myself. My confidence has grown, allowing me to try new things and step outside my comfort zone.

I now feel listened to by the people in my life, and I’ve managed to change previous unhealthy habits and relationships into healthy ones.

It was excellent on a number of levels and I think the effects will be long lasting. If you don’t feel in control or happy with some areas of your life you should DEFINITELY do it.


• What do I wear?
The in-person sessions take place at Yoga Nadi, in the Queenstown or Frankton yoga studio where we sit on bolsters, blankets or the floor so please wear warm, comfortable clothing including pants. Fold out chairs are also available.

• How does ZOOM work? (Not applicable for in-person sessions)
Attendees will be emailed a link, which opens at the time of the call and closes when we finish. It’s free since you’ll be using your broadband connection. If you’ve never attended a online conference  before, it can seem a bit different but you soon get the hang of it. I did all my coaching training (2.5 years) virtually. It’s a breeze.

• Who else will be coming along?
The people who are attracted to this program seem to mostly be professionals who realise the value of personal development. Ages vary from early 20s to late 50s, most are in the middle. All are on a journey of growing themselves.

• What if I need to miss a session or am running late for a session?
Let me know in advance if you will be missing the following week’s session. I advise that you can miss up to two sessions, preferably not two in a row although you won’t want to miss any of them but your buddy will fill you in and you will still do the exercises and receive the follow-up emails. If you need to miss a session last minute or are running late, text me on +64 (0)27 371 7112 so we know if we need to wait for you.

• Is there a lot of work outside of the sessions?
The day after each session I will friend you on Facebook and invite you to join a ‘Closed Group’. Each week there will  send you an email outlining the ‘fieldwork’ for the week. This usually involves reading one to two lessons of the workbook and completing relevant exercises. I recommend you do this soon after we meet for the group session and before you meet with or call your buddy. Allow up to one hour for the fieldwork per week. You will also need to connect with your buddy by telephone or in person in between each session. You can decide with your buddy how long you wish to meet for. 30 minutes to one-hour works well.

• Do I need to do everything every week?
This is one of those programs where you get out of it what you put into it. That said, if you can’t do the fieldwork, you can’t do the fieldwork. This is your life and therefore your choice, however I will be strongly encouraging you to do it. No action, no growth. The workbook is content-rich with lots of recommendations of action you can take. You will regularly hear me encouraging you to tailor the information and fieldwork so that it fits with what feels right for you. One of the unwritten outcomes of the program is to start trusting what feels right for you, more than you ever did before.

• What do I do with my buddy?
The intention of meeting your buddy is to provide and receive support, encouragement and accountability. I recommend you take turns being the listener and then the speaker for an agreed amount of time. Stop and then swap turns for the same agreed amount of time. If you are listening, begin by asking – how can I support you? Listen and allow your buddy to tell you and then provide that if you are willing.

• How are buddies assigned?
Buddies are usually assigned by potluck. Occasionally someone knows someone in the circle professionally and has a preference not to buddy with that person. If that is the case, please email me that same evening to let me know. I assign buddies the day after our first group session and will inform you about your buddy through the follow-up Facebook post.

• What happens in the sessions?
The format of the sessions goes as follows. We begin by sharing wins and insights that arose re the fieldwork and exercises. We then progress to discussing the topic for the evening and there is an opportunity for one or two people to receive coaching from the facilitator or each other. Sometimes I read inspirational material. It depends on the topic and the flow of the session.

• What if I don’t understand the information?
You have full permission to ask questions or email me questions at any time for the duration of the program. Don’t fall into the trap of leaving the fieldwork to the last minute because if you get stuck, you won’t have time to get in touch.

The cost of the program is $480 (including GST). This equates to $60 per week x 8 weeks.

Payment can be made in full, or you can elect to pay eight weekly automatic payments of $60 commencing one week in advance of the program.

A deposit of $60 or full payment is required to secure your spot on the programme. Spaces are limited to ten.

The Next Step

To secure your spot, email [email protected] and bank details will be forwarded to you so that you can organize your deposit payment.

Thank you and I look forward to supporting you to grow in awareness and to strengthen your personal foundation.

Warm regards
Amanda Woolridge


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