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Amanda Woolridge – Dynamic Speaker, Executive Coach, Team Builder and Facilitator.

Amanda Woolridge Motivational Speaker
Understanding what makes people tick and inspiring people to achieve their highest potential is the ongoing mission for Amanda.

Certified in psychology, coaching and NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Amanda runs an Executive Coaching Practice, XL Coaching, from Queenstown.

Drawing on her experience of coaching executives since 1999, Amanda provides insightful, fun, dynamic presentations that inspire.

Amanda speaks on:

  • ‘Kicking the habit of Procrastination’ – Procrastination grips everyone at some time or another but if you want to make things happen, the ability to motivate yourself and others is a crucial skill.
  • ‘Tell me what you want, what you really really want?’ Understand a 4-step success formula that applies to business, life and conferencing (dynamic way to kick-off your conference where delegates get to laugh, interact and identify conference outcomes)
  • ‘Coaching: The Missing Link in Leadership’ – Understand the biggest shift you can make as a leader to engage your staff to want to perform.
  • Ten great ways to engage your people to achieve even greater results.

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Motivational Speaking Client Testimonials:

With Amanda’s style of presentation and effervescent personality, the delegates were immediately drawn in. Amanda was able to challenge each of the delegates to set goals in their business and personal lives. Without exception, feedback from delegates was extremely positive.

– Diana McCully, Practice Manager, MacAllister Todd Phillips Bodkins – Legal Secretaries Conference

Amanda presented at our national conference in Palmerston North on “Leadership in Practice”, and it was not only well received by the vets, support staff and nurses, but the business owners as well. Amanda presented with integrity, confidence and enthusiasm which was an excellent beginning to our two day conference. This is the second time The Vetservice Group have used Amanda to open our conference, with equally as positive result. From all the attendees and staff of the Vetservice Group Conference thank you very much Amanda for an excellent contribution to our conferences.

– James Coddington, CEO, The Vet Service Group

Thank you for your fabulous presentation at our conference – in tough times it is essential to focus on the positive and with your wonderful and witty words my staff and EGG franchisees were truly motivated to move forward into not scary times but exciting times. They truly felt re-charged and excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead.

– Charlotte Devereaux, Designer/Partner, EGG Maternity Wear

I am part of a group of diverse woman (who had the common factor of all being mothers) who retreat annually to recharge and relax. This year we did something a bit different and invited Amanda Woolridge to speak to us. The session Amanda prepared and delivered was inspirational and really did strike a cord with everyone involved. Personally, Amanda helped me to realise how much time and energy I spend worrying about the things I don’t want to be doing as opposed to focusing my energy on the things I do! Such a timely insight into my life and habits which I now see effect everything around me. The session has given me real enthusiasm to bring about change for myself and prioritize what is most important in my life.

– Chelsea Donnelly, Women’s Group

Thank you sooooo much for your presentation to our group on Saturday – it was unbelievably fantastic!!It was the talk of the weekend and the catch phase ‘up until now’ was voiced many a time! The girls continued to talk about the session and what changes they were going to make, nobody ‘should’ on themselves, there was talk of pairs forming to help each other reach goals everyone got a lot out of it.

– Elaisa Chapman, Women’s Group

Amanda, your session was just great, high energy, targeted, fun and informative…you were simply brilliant, especially for that ‘after lunch’ session.

– Doug Wingfield, Management Advisor, South Island Service Centre. Inland Revenue


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