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The key to leadership and team performance, and therefore business excellence, is effective communication. Building awareness and improving communication is an outcome of all our programs whether the focus is on leadership or coaching skills development, or team building. Browse through the options below or engage us to tailor a program based on your organisation’s development needs.

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  • The following courses can be provided in-house for your organisation. Some of them can be delivered in the format of one-to-one coaching. Contact us to express your interest.

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Results 2016 (Strategic Planning Workshop)

Do you know where your business is heading next year?
Do you have a strategic plan in place?
Can you identify what you do well and where your business needs to improve?
Do you have the right people, working with the right systems and processes achieving the right results and working effectively towards your company goals?

An external facilitator can support you and your team to clearly identify what your business needs to do to be successful in 2016. Read More>>

Understanding Leadership, Your Natural Style and How to Bring Out the Best in Others

This one-day seminar enables people in a leadership role and prospective leaders to grow in self-awareness of their unique leadership and communication style.
We explore the typical strengths, weaknesses, needs and motivators of each style using the DiSC. Participants create a leadership development action plan based on the findings.
We also turn our attention to understanding different styles of leadership, the distinction between management and leadership and how to utilise the learnings to engage and motivate team members, to bring out their best. Contact us to register your interest.


XL in TM (Time Management)

The road to success begins and ends with Time Management. In a busy, information-crazy world, the ability to become effective at this vital habit is absolutely essential, for the successful manager and self leader.
Developing the habit of successfully planning, prioritising, managing your schedule and managing your self isn’t easy. We are creatures of habit.
It takes 21 days to form a habit, so we have put together an ‘accountability program’ that encourages you to get into action and change your behaviours. Read More>>


Growing Confidence and Assertiveness in Communication

The ability to communicate confidently and assertively is an essential skill for leaders who are required to deliver feedback. Until staff members have the tools and skills to achieve this, assertive communication can be torturous. By the end of this half day course, participants will:
Understand the distinctions between passive, assertive and aggressive communication.
Demonstrate assertive communication in a skills practice session.
Understand Win-Win techniques to achieve joint solutions that meet the needs of all parties. Contact Us to register your interest.

Giving Feedback Confidently

Many managers acknowledge that giving feedback is the most difficult part of their role, particularly when they want to change the way someone is behaving or working and they suspect that the staff member may not initially like what they have to say.
This half-day workshop gives participants the tools and skills to approach feedback situations positively and confidently.  They learn how to deal with workplace issues without bringing unhelpful emotions in to play.  In addition they will come away with a process for giving effective feedback, which can be used in a broad variety of workplace situations. Contact Us to register your interest.


 The Coaching Clinic

queenstown coaching business

The Coaching Clinic© is a two-day training for leaders that supports participants to practise coaching skills that when applied will help every individual within your organisation discover and manifest their full potential. Read More>>


The Coaching Conversation – A Model For Coaching

queenstown coaching business

This is a half-day workshop built around one of the core concepts from The Coaching Clinic: The Coaching Conversation communication model.

Participants will learn the five-step model and the theoretical basis for each step.  Real business case studies and coaching practices make this half-day program an excellent introduction to corporate coaching for participants providing them with a practical structure for coaching. Read More>>


DiSC Communication Styles Profile Tool & Workshops

queenstown coaching businessA DiSC Profile helps you understand yourself an others in a specific environment. You understand your behavioural profile and identify the environment most conducive to your success. At the same time, you will learn about the differences of others and the environment they require for maximum productivity and team work in the organization.

We offer half day and one day workshops that will ultimately help your team build awareness of communication styles, appreciate and value differences, reduce conflict and build a culture of alliance and collaboration. Read More>>


Team Development

queenstown coaching businessWe offer team development programs which involve indoor and outdoor experiential learning, tailored to meet the development needs of your team. They are available as half day and one day or longer programs or can be integrated as part of a wider event such as a leadership conference, strategic planning session, DiSC workshop or annual retreat. The focus can include developing a vision and/or strategy, improving team communication, handling change, engaging staff and building trust. Contact Us to discuss your next team building event.


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