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The Coaching Clinic

What is The Coaching Clinic

The Coaching Clinic is for professionals – executives, team leaders, managers and newly appointed supervisors – who wish to have a fully developed coaching model and platform for skill development.

The Coaching Clinic program generates rapid development of individuals and teams, and increases leadership potential. It has been brought into corporations worldwide by ‘Corporate CoachU’ trained and licensed facilitators, and has earned the reputation as a comprehensive training for managers in core coaching skills.


Benefits of Participating in The Coaching Clinic

Through The Coaching Clinic, organizations and individuals can:

  • Discover coaching as a powerful model of management and leadership.
  • Experience and practice “state-of-the-art” coaching tools.
  • Learn the structure and process to integrate a coach approach to management.
  • Position the organization for rapid growth.
  • Apply learning within the workplace immediately.


What does The Coaching Clinic Do?

The Coaching Clinic effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary for coaching within an organization. It is a fully developed model, which executives, managers, leaders and coaches can implement immediately in their organization to:
  • Promote innovation and accelerate results
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable organizational members.
  • Improve organizational communication and team effectiveness, and
  • Deepen commitment to personal, professional and organizational goals.


Course Agenda

Day One

The Coaching Clinic: Being a Coach

  • A Model of Trust and Creating a Coaching Environment
  • Personal Paradigm Shifts

The Five-Step Process of Coaching in the Workplace

  • The Coaching Conversation Model©

Coaching Skills

  • Contextual Listening©
  • Discovery Questioning©

Day Two

Coaching Skills (continued)

  • Messaging
  • Acknowledging

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory© (PCSI)

  • Defining Your Personal Style & Recognizing The Styles of others

Coaching In Organizations

  • Creating a Powerful Definition of Coaching
  • Coaching to Commitment
  • Challenges to Coaching
  • Creating an Action Plan to Implement Coaching
  • Follow-Up & Peer Coaching

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