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XL Coaching: New website, New focus

Clients past and present, friends and colleagues – Welcome to my new website and blog! I’ve undergone a bit of a metamorphosis over the past six months and I’m excited to share one or two things about that… My wake-up call First things first, I had a really challenging year last year. My biz went […]

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Good luck, bad luck, who knows?

A hermit lived on the edge of a forest close to a small village. The villagers all thought he was a fool, for he spoke in paradoxes. His name was Jed. One day Jed took in a stranger who was sick and nursed him back to health. In gratitude the stranger gave him a horse. […]

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Goal Setting Forms

Print out 7 forms and then circle one heading and complete one form for each of the following areas of life. Feel free to amend the headings to authentically suit you. You may wish to set goals based on one or five years from now, or see what emerges as you ask the following questions […]

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Motivation: How Do I Give It? How Do I Get It?

Research has shown that only 25% of all employees are performing at their full potential. Research has also shown that up to 67% of managers struggle with trying to motivate people to perform, deal with problems and juggle workloads. To quote one manager, “If I could get someone else to look after my staff, this […]

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